Friday, April 20, 2012

Just between us girls...

It's that time of year again! Summer vacation is right around the corner and that means tons of family fun but little "me" time for mom. Before the dismissal bell rings, treat the girls to a special afternoon-for ladies only- plan a YELLOW COTTAGE Tea Party!
We make it a care free occasion by supplying fresh made/ fresh baked finger sandwiches and bakery treats. Our Two Leaves and a Bud organic tea sampler is not only healthy and flavorful-but the teas are wonderful hot or cold.
Our personal sized tea pots are a perfect "favor" -reminding moms that "me" time is important too.

Call us or stop by our shop to plan your afternoon tea with your girls!
With just a few weeks left until June you'll be glad you did!

What's low in fat and rich in flavor?

What's low in fat and rich in flavor?


Spring is in the air in Sussex County. Warm days conjure up daydreams of heading to the lake, pool or beach-and getting into that bathing suit! You don't need to sacrifice your favorite frozen treats or deli lunch when shaping up for the summer-not when Yellow Cottage has a spring deli menu that's healthy and satisfying AND frozen yogurt that's low (and no) fat! And our vanilla yogurt is SUGAR FREE.

Check out our delicious menu offerings for Spring:
  • seafood salad
  • grilled eggplant on a roll
  • cucumber, egg, tomatoes, red onion, and vidalia onion dressing, on a spinach wrap
  • portabella mushroom with slicing mozzarella and roasted red peppers on half hoagie roll
  • grilled veggies with fresh mozzarella on a half hoagie roll
  • pesto sauce, fresh mozzarella with roasted reds on half hoagie roll

Add a little spice to your day with these great sandwich combos!
All feature Boarshead meats.

  • Jerk Turkey Sub: Jerk turkey, 3 pepper colby cheese, pepperoni, & mayo on a hoagie roll
  • Chipotle chicken wrap, 3 pepper colby cheese, green peppers, lettuce & mayo
  • Texican Sub: chipotle chicken, Gouda cheese, salsa, peppers, lettuce and tomatoe on a sub
  • Chipotle chicken & havarti cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo on a kaiser roll

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis the Season! Come on and Play... Yellow Cottage Holiday Trivia on Facebook!

That's right! Our second Yellow Cottage Facebook Trivia game is underway. Simply "like" us on Facebook and join in the fun.
Ten Holiday Trivia questions will be posted. You'll have a chance to pick from 3 possible answers-then we'll post the correct answer AND a letter clue. Collect all the letters-unscramble the secret word and head to our shop for a delicious treat for playing along... a FREE Gingerbread Man cookie!

Follow us on Facebook throughout the year. We enjoy hearing from our customers and FB friends so don't be shy!

*If you've missed the first few questions of our holiday trivia-no worries- the answers and letter clues are posted so you can catch up!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sussex County is Changing!

Sussex County is changing-just as it does every Autumn. The leaves are creating a colorful landscape and soon there will be a nip in the air. Autumn in Sussex County is one of our favorite times of year because it heralds so many of our favorite pies, pumpkin pies, cider, halloween fun and holidays that bring families together.

It's also the time we bring back some of our favorite soup, stew and chili recipes. Nothing goes better with a crisp Autumn day!  And nothing is more inviting than the aroma of fresh baked pies and fresh baked bread from Riche's ovens except maybe the delicious aroma of Jackie's hot chili or stew. Just walk through the door of the shop and you immediately feel at home!

The change of the season invites back many Autumn traditions for Yellow Cottage Customers and we're glad to be a part of them and to welcome Sussex County travelers to the Yellow Cottage family. Stop by our shop on your way to apple picking, pumpkin picking, corn maze visits and simply enjoying Sussex County's beauty. We'll always welcome you with a smile and a great take out lunch or take home dinner that will warm you inside and out.

See you soon!

Your friends at Yellow Cottage Bakery and Deli

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Community" is a main ingredient for Yellow Cottage

When we first opened the doors at Yellow Cottage, we like many Sussex County businesses, had visions of creating a successful business. Among all the details, must do's and challenges that needed immediate attention, we made it a point to remember that taking care of our community had to be a main ingredient in everything we do. Years later, we still believe that giving back-helping out and getting to know our customers is as essential to Yellow Cottage as the quality and measure of ingredients Rich adds to his bakery recipes.

This has been a difficult time for small businesses and residents in Sussex County and across the country. We feel blessed to have so many loyal customers who through the years we've come to know as friends. Thank you for your continued patronage of our bakery/deli.

We're also delighted to meet the many new customers who come through our doors each day. Getting to know you, your tastes, likes and stories helps us to add new product lines that you've told us you want. This summer we added Frozen Yogurt and Dr Smoothies to the traditional and new bakery treats you'll always find at Yellow Cottage.  We had fun playing "Frozen Yogurt Trivia"with our Facebook fans and hope you'll "like" us on Facebook too!

Our celebration cakes continue to be part of family traditions and we're delighted to have been "invited" to participate in many a family reunion this year -providing catering, deli and bakery goodies for customers that are returning to Sussex County from their new homes.

Yellow Cottage staff and management have a personal affection for our first responders-volunteer ambulance and fire fighters who step out of their daily routine and come to the aid of residents in distress.  We show our appreciation by not only offering them a hearty Yellow Cottage style portion-but a little extra discount too. The rainy 2011 rainy season has had police, fire and rescue workers on the scene helping many victims of flooding. Their tireless efforts helped reassure families and offer assistance during these more than challenging times. On behalf of all of us here at Yellow Cottage-we thank you and are glad you're always there.

As the fall season approaches, we'll always have a cup of piping hot gourmet coffee ready for you when you stop by and Yellow Cottage Bakery will begin creating your favorite traditional treats-apple pies, pumpkin pies, holiday cookies, seasonal delights in the coming weeks. We look forward to another season of celebration with our family and yours. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your traditions.

Warm regards-
The Yellow Cottage Staff and Management

Friday, August 19, 2011


Hey Trivia lovers...come play FROZEN YOGURT TRIVIA with us!
On Wednesdays we'll post Frozen Yogurt Trivia questions in our shop and on our Facebook account.

On Fridays we'll post the answer and a letter clue on facebook.

Like us on FB and check our discussions page for the clues.

On Labor Day Weekend, come into our shop with the correct secret word answer and we'll treat you to a FREE Frozen Yogurt cone just for playing along!

This is week three of the game-but don't worry, you can still find all the questions and answers on our facebook page:  Like us on Facebook and play along!

"Fair Time" special menu raises funds for NORWESCAP's Food Bank

When we heard about the Sussex County 4H club's annual food drive to benefit NORWESCAP's Food Bank we were happy to take the opportunity to support the community service efforts of these great young boys and girls. NORWESCAP is a community action partner in Sussex County. In addition to other programs and services NORWESCAP offers to our residents, the Food Bank helps local food pantries and assistance programs that are on the front lines of assisting a growing number of families at risk of hunger in our communities. Through the Food Bank, these organizations are able to help meet those needs.

During the 10 days of the Sussex County Fair, Yellow Cottage invited our customers to be part of the Food Drive effort purchasing a "Fair Time Lunch Special" off our customized menu. In recognition of our 4H livestock clubs, we offered a Beef, Pork, Chicken and Egg Salad lunch special which included chips and a gourmet Yellow Cottage cookie. We pledged to donate $1.00 for every special ordered from August 5th through the 14th.

No doubt our customers are some of the greatest folks around! With their participation, we proudly presented a check for $100.00 to the Rutgers Cooperative Extension 4H Director. This donation will be sent to the NORWESCAP Food Bank along with the non perishables and cash donations raised by the Sussex County 4H clubs.

We always feel blessed to be part of a community like Sussex County where tradition, community values and care for one another is part of the culture and practice of so many. Thank you to all our patrons for helping out with the Food Drive. We appreciate your business and friendship.

Your Friends at Yellow Cottage Bakery